Johanna (neonpink) wrote,

ranting like no other...

I hateeeeee the end of the semester with a passion. The work piles up and it kills me.

I have a chem report due Friday and it's completely my fault for not being more prepared for it but I hate chemistry more than ever. I'm so frustrated and I don't understand why the subject just doesn't make sense to me. I'm trying so hard. My goal is to finish the entire report tonight, with the exception of the very end of the discussion. Goodbye to any chance of sleeping.

Tomorrow (today?) is going to be long. I have bio all day. Hopefully we'll get out of lab early and I can get in an hour nap, but I'm not holding my breath. Latke/Dreidel night is tomorrow and I have to be there at 5:15 to help set up. I'm thinking I might be a little late. I barely get to stay for any of that though cause I need to go finish my calc homework (which is also due Friday) in the lab. After that I have a looong rehearsal for the freshmen plays because it's tech week. I won't complain about that though because lately theatre is the only thing that relaxes me.

Thursday night could be a late one if I don't get enough work done tonight. Friday starts with an 8:30am class. I can't wait for Friday though. Once classes are done, I have some online homework but then I might actually be able to get some sleep in. Our first freshmen plays performance is that night, followed by sophomore MP girls bonding/Sara's birthday. I can't wait.. I need it so bad.

Saturday I shouldn't sleep in because I have 2 more lab reports due next week plus a chem quiz on Monday. I'm really excited for Saturday though because Donny is coming!! He'll be here for closing night/after-play stuff. Saturday night is my motivation to get all of my work done.
I can't really sleep in Sunday because I have meetings all day. Luckily there's a break in the day for Bug Juice with Gayle & Alex. Then comes the last Theta meeting of the semester... It's so surreal I can't even talk about it.

Then everything really builds up. Quizzes, tests, and lab reports due next week. The week after, I have 3 finals in 2 days.

My next night of good sleep is only 15 days away....

As much as I'm going to miss all of the people who won't be here next semester, I need winter break so bad.

On a less stressful note, Thanksgiving break was really nice. I got to see everyone I wanted to and got some sleep.

Ahh i have class in less than 6 hours....
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johanna, it's kayla!