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am i more than you bargained for yet?

One last post of 2005?

Since the last time I wrote, I finished first semester of sophomore year. My finals were really difficult and I still don’t know all of my grades yet but I’d really rather not think about it. The last cube party of the semester was decent even though Alex wasn’t there. Break is pretty boring and I’d rather be back at school. I sleep a lot and hang out. I have to go to physical therapy twice a week which sucks but my ankle seriously needs to heal. Christmas was fine, Jesse came to my aunt’s house with us. My family definitely scared him away. Hanukkah is cool too, everyone came over the other night and we spent all day cooking and cleaning for it. I’ve been seeing camp people a lot lately. Last night was the staff holiday party which was pretty retarded because it was at a bar and only 6 out of like 15 could drink so we left pretty early then hung out at Jesse’s which is the best thing to do anyway. It’s finally New Years Eve!! My fave holiday. There’s a few parties going on tonight and I love the people I’m going with so it should be a good time.

No major plans for January yet except seeing a few people from school. Unfortunately I’m still home for 3 more weeks so if you’re gonna be around and you want to hang out, let me know! I’ll be here and I’ll be bored.

Happy New Year!
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